What Do You Do If Your Water Stops Running?

We have become so used to having water available at the turn of the tap. Did you ever think, what do I do when I open the valve, and nothing comes out? If you get your water from a private water source, typically known as a well, there isn’t much a home owner can do without calling a service company. In many cases, the most common reason the water has stopped running, is because there is no electric powering the well pump. By simply locating the breaker in your electric panel labeled “Well Pump”, you can you can try resetting the breaker by turning it to the off position, then back to the on position.

If the water supply is not restored after resetting the electrical breaker, we suggest that the homeowner calls a service company. Trying to diagnose the problem on your own can be complex and dangerous.  Considering you are dealing with electrical components, unless your an electrician, it’s safest to have your system diagnosed and tested by a professional.  

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