What’s new in the world of HVAC

Each year brings new HVAC trends to the HVAC industry, and this year is no different; there are a number of new technologies. Manufacturers are putting an emphasis on systems to make them smarter, quieter, and more efficient. We already have the ability to control lights, garage doors and security devices from our hand held phones. Now with interactive heating and cooling systems, we’ll be able to control the temperature and other functions, even when we aren’t home.

More Efficient

Efficiency gains are being achieved mostly from A/C and Heat Pump compressors that have adopted, “variable speed compressor technology”. Improved efficiency comes through precise load matching, less on/off cycling and “low amp gradual compressor motor startup”. Traditional compressors are typically started at 100 percent of the compressor’s capacity, whereas variable speed compressors sense the demand necessary to satisfy the living space, and may only start at 30 or 40 percent of the compressor’s capacity. Running the system at a lower capacity will allow for longer run times, which, in turn, dehumidify better, producing a more comfortable atmosphere.

For a really high quality system that will amaze your senses “Trane” has developed an “air handler” (indoor unit that blows air into the duct system).  It boasts a double wall, insulated construction between the metal panels, creating one of quietest units available today.  

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