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Geothermal energy is clean, safe and will heat and cool your home while saving energy and benefiting the environment. It is Eco-friendly and energy efficient, while obtaining high-performance heating and cooling at the same time.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With A Geothermal Heating & Cooling System

There is enough energy in your back yard to heat and cool your home without using expensive fossil fuels that pollute the air and create dangerous carbon monoxide.  Now you can have safe, reliable, energy efficient, heating and cooling from one piece of equipment. Instead of burning fossil fuel, they move energy to, and from the earth to heat and cool your home.By tapping into the earth`s surface, we can extract energy that lies directly beneath the homes we live in. By definition, the Latin word geo means earth, and therm means heat, put the two together and you have “Geothermal”, the term used by the heating and cooling industry when promoting, or describing this type of system.Although the initial cost of installing a geothermal system is greater than most traditional systems, the potential energy savings may be significant compared to the existing heating and cooling unit in your house now. In addition to the energy savings, there are a number of other benefits that should be taken into account when considering a geothermal unit. Typically, the system will be quieter, it will also be safer because it does not produce carbon monoxide. On average, the life span of a packaged geothermal unit is longer than that of a conventional split system. The reason for this is because there are no outdoor components exposed to the elements.The EPA, as well as the Department Of Energy, recognize Geothermal Systems as the most earth friendly way to heat and cool your home. R.E. Sanders Inc. has been installing and servicing Geothermal Heating and Cooling units for over 20 years. We have helped many families save a lot of money on their utility bills. Contact us today to find out more about installing one of these units in your home. Ask about the 30% Federal Tax Credit!

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Financing Available

Financing Options Available***R.E. Sanders offers 3rd party programs that allow you to finance with no interest if paid in full within 12 months with regular monthly payments***

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