How about the humid weather we’ve been having? How have you been holding up? And, how about your air conditioning system….has the humidity left your home feeling uncomfortable? If so, read on to learn more about how the humid weather outdoors impacts your air conditioner.

Humid Weather and Its Impact on Your Air Conditioning System

It is true that humid conditions make your air conditioning system run longer to cool your home. A key function of your system is to take humidity out of the air, making your home or business more comfortable. It makes sense then that if we are experiencing humid weather, your AC unit is running longer to complete this task.

It is important that you have the correct sized system for your space. If you do not, you may not be able to achieve a comfortable indoor environment. Inefficient and old units can also lead to the inability to adequately remove moisture from the air as it should. We recommend that you always have a professional make sure that the air conditioning system you have is right for your home or office. We also recommend that you have your system evaluated and serviced regularly so that you know it can keep you feeling cool no matter what the weather is outdoors. You may be thinking that a larger capacity unit will definitely do the job for cooling your space. This isn’t always the case. An AC unit that is too large will not take the humidity out of the air properly. Again, consult a professional like those available at RE Sanders.

So, what are some signs that your air conditioning system isn’t working properly? One sign is that the air actually feels moist. As you probably already know, moist air doesn’t equal comfort for most people. Another sign of high humidity in your home is a musty smell. No explanation needed. No one wants their home to smell musty.

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