It’s no secret, lightning strikes can cause damage. In fact, there have been five deaths in our nation so far in 2018. You can only imagine the havoc that lightning can cause to your plumbing system, specifically your well pump. Well pumps are often times one of the first things to be struck by lightning during a thunderstorm, and, you guessed it, will be damaged immediately on impact.

Can I Prevent Damage to My Well Pump?

For those of us who rely on water from a private well, the summer thunderstorm and potential of a lightning strike bring feelings of anxiety. We do not want a lightning strike to disable the well pump. So, can you prevent lightning damage to your well pump? Some would say that you can avoid lightning damage to your well pump by using grounding rods or lightning arresters. You would install either of these at the wellhead. The problem with this recommendation is that almost all lightning strikes happen at or near the home’s electrical system and travel to the well pump. So, with the knowledge, the most logical way to protect your well pump is to turn off the breaker that feeds electric to the well pump.

What if Lightning Strikes?

The team at RE Sandes Inc. specializes in well pumps. If you experience a lightning strike to your well pump, give us a call at 717-843-7894. We will visit your home and assess the situation. If you need a new well pump, we have the necessary tools and skills to install your system. Our technicians install submersible pumps, booster and hand pumps, pressure tanks, and water filters. RE Sanders Inc. will make sure your system runs smoothly and efficiently. Visit our website or give us a call with all of your plumbing or HVAC questions or problems.