I know what you are thinking: Why are we talking about how my air conditioner freezes when it is barely spring? Well, before you know it the weather outdoors will turn toward blazing hot temperatures and we will all need to use our air conditioners. Here are a few tips to remember if your air conditioner decides to freeze up.

First Steps to Take If Your Air Conditioner Freezes

First things, first…turn your air conditioning unit off. By doing this, the equipment has the opportunity to thaw. You can turn on the fan of your HVAC system to speed up the process, but be sure that it isn’t set on the cool setting. You can also warm the coils with a hair dryer to help it thaw faster. After your air conditioner is thawed and back to normal, feel free to turn it back on and set it to cool. If it still isn’t working properly or continues to freeze, call R.E. Sanders Inc. so a professional technician can take a look.

Another important step to take if your air conditioning freezes is, check the drain or condenser line while you wait for your unit to thaw. You want to investigate to see if there is a clog. It would be a good idea to empty the drain pan as well.

Dirty air filters can be the cause of a frozen air conditioner.  Be sure to change the air filter every month so your HVAC equipment can run effectively.

Your air conditioning system requires adequate airflow to work properly. As a dirty air filter can cause the air conditioner to freeze, closed or obstructed air vents can interrupt airflow and inefficient operation. It is necessary to open and clear the air vents throughout your home.

Call a Professional To Inspect Your AC Unit

The list above isn’t an exhaustive list of problems if your air conditioner freezes. There are other issues that can cause your air conditioner to freeze. For instance, if the fan is not operating at the proper speed or the refrigerant level isn’t adequate, freezing is likely to occur.  Thermostats are another reason for problems. All of these are issues that will typically require a trained technician to spot and repair.

At R.E. Sanders Inc., we specialize in heating and air conditioning problems and can assist with any issue. It is our goal to keep our customers feeling comfortable throughout every season. Give us a call today if you need to schedule a technician visit.