Plumbing myths

Plumbing…the system that is installed in our home to supply water and sanitation. It is put into place and doesn’t need any maintenance, right? …Wrong! That is a myth. Our plumbing systems do need to be maintained to work well and last the amount of time expected. There are two plumbing myths that lead to poor plumbing conditions and costly repairs and replacements that need to be addressed.

If Things are Able to Go Down the Drain, All is Well

One of most widely thought plumbing myths is that soap doesn’t cause a plumbing drain issue. Soap buildup happens most often in secondary drains like showers, lavatories and laundry drains. Over time as soap is carried down the drain, it will stick to the walls of the pipe, accumulating and causing a blockage. Although this process happens gradually, the water back up may seem to happen very suddenly as the drain pipe is reduced in diameter by the buildup. Day after day a clog is forming in the plumbing system. 

Another common cause of a clogged drain is grease buildup. This occurs just like soap buildup, but much faster. As you might have guessed, this is an issue that pops up in kitchen sink drains. As the grease travels down the pipe by hot water from rinsing dishes, it is cooled by the vent pipes which allow cold air into the drain system. When the hot grease cools, it sticks to the drain pipe walls which eventually causes a clog in the drain. It is a myth that if a drain clears, then all is well throughout the system.

Plumbing Fixtures Do Not Require Maintenance

Among other plumbing myths is the thought that you do not need to worry about interior or exterior fixtures. This could be one of the most dangerous home plumbing myths of all. Those homeowners who believe that this is a true statement may run into serious, costly problems down the road. Plumbing pipes can be affected by clogs and unruly tree roots. Even the shifting of your home’s foundations can cause plumbing issues. Sewer clean outs can also be a source of a problem and should be checked periodically. Who wants to replace their sewer line or take on plumbing pipe replacements? No one wants to deal with this type of repair, but that is what these issues may lead to. The repairs are extensive and expensive. It is also a good idea to keep the fixtures inside the home such as sinks, faucets, and tubs in check with regular maintenance to avoid serious drain clogs, as well.

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