Do you overlook your Air Duct System?

As a Heating and Cooling salesperson, typically the only time I get a chance to look at a customer’s air duct system is when I am quoting a price to replace the old furnace, or air handler.  Unfortunately, usually what I see isn’t good; this is especially true in homes built during the housing boom in the 1990`s. In the excitement of building a new home, more attention is given to lighting, cabinets, flooring and plumbing fixtures, which usually causes the heating and cooling system, and air duct system, to be an afterthought, and a way to stay in the budget.

In the past, air duct systems were not an item that had to pass code inspections (although this is changing).  Many of the air duct systems I see are leaking, falling apart, improperly sized and allow airflow to condition the entire home.

We Believe In Doing the Job Right

If your air duct system has any of the issues outlined above, immediate attention should be given to fix them. Investing money into a new furnace and air conditioner will not overcome the deficiencies of the existing system – it’s like putting a new motor in a car that has a bad transmission.  A skilled technician has the ability to repair these issues and allow your unit to work to it’s potential. Heating and cooling is the largest part of a homeowner’s utility budget, and a faulty duct system can magnify those costs.

At R.E. Sanders, we will inspect your duct work and ensure it is working properly. If there’s an issue, we’ll make recommendations to fix the problem. Once the repairs are made, your house will not only look good, it will be more comfortable too.

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