Wells and Well Pumps

The purpose of wells and well pumps is to extract water from an underground source and move it into your home. Due to varying site conditions, no two well situations are exactly the same.  Typically if a well is less than 25’ deep an “above ground”, or what is commonly called a “jet pump” will be used.  For deeper wells, a “submersible pump” will be installed. To do so, the pump is attached to a polyethylene well pipe and dropped to the bottom of the well shaft, a power wire is attached to the pump and wired to a pressure switch. When the pressure in the holding tank falls below a designed set point, the pump automatically activates and sends water into the system until the pressure comes back to the designated high pressure point.

Included as part of a well pump system is the pressure tank. The purpose of the pressure tank is to store a volume of water under pressure so that the well pump does not have to run each time there is a need for water. When a faucet is opened, the pressure in the tank moves the water from the tank to the fixture until the tank runs out of pressure, at which point, the well pump activates, and builds pressure back into the tank.

Choosing the Right Contractor

When a new well system is installed, or an existing system needs replaced, there are many factors to consider. Homeowners should consult with an experienced pump professional to assure the sizing is accurately determined. A professional technician should also perform the installation to ensure optimum performance. Choosing the right contractor can make the difference in the system lasting 3 years, or 15 years.

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