Hybrid Technology

Enter the new age of gas/electric energy and the concept of hybrid technology.  Car companies have had differing degrees of success in combining gas engines with electric motors to create very efficient hybrid automobiles. In the HVAC industry, Hybrid technology means combining an electric heat pump with a fossil fuel or gas furnace.  This has become very popular because of the enhanced efficiency. By using the heat pump down to 30 degrees and using the gas furnace as the back-up rather than the traditional electric heat strips, it will save the homeowner energy dollars. The system is very easy to install and will provide a return on investment within a few short years.

Electric Heat Pump Vs. Gas Heat 

Recently I read an article that compared gas heat to an electric heat pump, and the benefits of each. In the article, the author wrote about how heat pumps may have limitations in colder climates, and gas furnaces may not be as efficient as heat pumps in areas where electrical costs are low. There were a number of other factors that were discussed. At the end of the article, if you did not have an in-depth knowledge of the heating industry, you would probably be confused as to what system may best fit your home.

RE Sanders Plumbing

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