Go Ductless: A New Way to Heat and Cool Your House, or is it?  I`m sure by now you have heard numerous commercials promoting “Ductless Heating and Cooling” and it may seem like a new concept, after all, how can you have forced hot or cold air in your home without having duct-work to transfer it? Sometime in the 1970`s Japanese manufactures developed the concept of “Ductless Cooling” as a step up from the common window unit.  In Asia and certain European Countries “Ductless” systems are common-place because of space-restricted construction methods, but not until about the turn of the century has this type of system become popular in our country.  Over the years larger more efficient systems evolved along with heat pump versions for cold climates, today “Ductless” systems continue to gain market share for a number of reasons.


  • It is easier to add “Ductless” cooling in a house without duct work, than it is to install a whole house duct system.
  • You can turn a “Ductless” system on and off depending if you are using a particular room or area, in other words its good for zoning.
  • “Ductless” equipment is up to 30% more efficient than traditional systems because you are not losing energy in the form of duct leakage.
  • “Ductless” systems are perfect for additions and remodeling especially when extending existing duct work is not possible.


So remember, if you need heating or cooling in a room where you can`t install duct work, or if you are planning an addition, or your house does not have duct work, R.E. Sanders can still condition that room with a Ductless system.