Does A/C Equipment Size Matter?

A/C equipment size does matter, to answer the question, . It’s much more important than most would think. In decades past, before accurate tools were developed to help measure equipment size, bigger had to be better. It never ceases to amaze me how often I see houses with furnaces, boilers and air conditioning units that are over-sized. Most people, and even some contractors, would ask, “what’s wrong with a system that puts out more heating or cooling than is necessary”. That’s where the trouble starts.

Proper Equipment Size

If a system puts out more heating or cooling than is necessary to condition the the space it was intended for, it will cause short cycling.  Short cycling is a symptom of satisfying the thermostat too quickly, which causes the system to turn on and off more than necessary. The quick on off, on off cycling will prematurely wear out the electro-mechanicalcomponents.  In the heating season, the heat ex-changer will expand and contract more often, this contraction and expansion causes cracks that are capable of leaking out dangerous carbon monoxide into the air stream.  In the cooling mode, an over-sized A/C unit will cool the home too fast, which not only causes short cycling, but it will inhibit the system from removing the humidity in the air, which will leave the home cold and clammy.

With The Proper Equipment Size,

a system will run the for an appropriate amount of time, and will run at optimal performance. Proper equipment size will eliminate the short cycling effect.  This allows for better moisture removal and a more comfortable home. At R.E. Sanders we take the time, and utilize the tools necessary to determine proper sizing.  We understand that this relatively simple process is the basis for building the proper HVAC system for your home or business.

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