So, is Conditioned Water Safe?

Have you ever been curious about the safety of the water you’re drinking? Should it be checked? Should it be conditioned? How can I make the water my family is drinking, safe for all?

There are numerous opinions and articles claiming that water conditioned with salt is unhealthy for drinking, and maybe even bathing. Before you jump to conclusions and frantically attempt to replumb your pipes around your water conditioning system, you need to be a aware there are always two sides to every story. When hard water is treated with salt, the sodium level will go up, but the question is, how much? The fact is, an 8 ounce glass of conditioned water has about 30 mg of sodium, when you compare that to a glass of low-fat milk of the same size, 8 ounces of milk has approximately 120 mg of sodium. In comparison, a can of diet soda has between 30-50 mg of sodium.


For a time it was believed that even bathing and showering in conditioned water had an adverse affect on your health, however, according to the WQA (Water Quality Association), sodium cannot be absorbed through the skin. So, the question may be answered, bathing with conditioned water is most likely safe.

Be Aware

Homeowners need to be concerned about discharging the (Brine) or backwash onto their lawns. Brine will alter the osmotic pressure certain grasses rely on to regulate water. Too much brine, (the discharge water conditioning systems eliminate), will cause an imbalance of water consumption. The direct result of this discharge will cause your lawn to brown out. This shouldn’t be a problem for most homeowners since water conditioning equipment is typically drained into the main sewer, or septic system.

You can always rely on R.E. Sanders to help with all your water quality needs. From well pumps and holding tanks, to neutralizers that balance the acidic levels in your water, to hard or soft water, to U.V. lights that kill bacteria. You can rely on us to give your family the peace-of-mind of knowing that every glass of drinking water is safe, and nutritious for your family to consume.

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