HVAC Zoning

Have you ever wondered what the benefits would be on HVAC zoning your heating and cooling system? Now, more than any other time of the year, I hear people complain that the 2nd floor of their home is more “muggy”, and much warmer than the 1st floor. We all know heat rises and it only makes sense for the second floor to be a bit warmer than the first floor. Until recently, this has been an acceptable condition and we’ve learned to live with it. Conventionally, most thermostats are located on the first floor. Once the temperature is at its predetermined setting, the unit will be kicked off regardless of the temperature on the second or third floor, so it only makes sense that it’ll be warmer and more humid upstairs.

The Answer Is…

There is some good news regarding this situation.  Most homes with hot 2nd floors can be corrected of this problem by “HVAC Zoning” the home using mechanical dampers that close off airflow to one area and redirecting it to another. A common HVAC zoning application, and one I have incorporated into my own home to separate the 1st floor from the 2nd floor, is to install a thermostat on each level. By installing a thermostat at each level, when the 2nd floor starts to get too warm, you can program the controls to restrict the airflow to the 1st floor, thus forcing more air to the 2nd floor so that you can get a good night’s sleep. Another benefit of zoning, regardless of whether it’s the cooling or heating season, is energy efficiency; you will no longer waste energy conditioning areas of the home that are not occupied. At night, when everyone is sleeping on the second floor, it doesn’t make sense keep the lower level conditioned.

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