This is a very good question. Which system should you go with? Does a ductless system make more sense or maybe staying with the boiler system that you have now is best. In this article, we will highlight the benefits of both. 

Why Ductless Might Be Best for You

As the name suggests, this system does the work it needs to do without any ductwork and it only heats the area where the unit is installed. This is a benefit because you can set various temperatures throughout your home, if you desire. Ductless systems involve indoor units and an outdoor unit. These are connected by a conduit containing power and refrigerant lines. The indoor units are installed directly in rooms, usually on walls or ceilings, while the outdoor unit is installed on the outside of the house. 

The unit outdoors evaporates the refrigerant using a coil inside the casing when the heat is turned on. Then, thermal energy is carried by the refrigerant gas to the units indoors. These units condense the gas into a liquid and release the thermal energy to heat the room.

Ductless systems may cost more upfront in installation fees, however they are very energy efficient and help you save money on utility bills for this reason.

Perhaps a Boiler is the Way to Go

Boiler-based systems are also known as radiant systems because of the method used to distribute heat. In a radiant heating system water pipes in the floors of the home are utilized. The boiler heats the water and distributes it through the pipes. This, of course, causes heat to radiate up into each room. 

These heating systems are energy efficient as well. They also heat rooms evenly which makes for better comfort. 

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