Water Conditioning Facts and Myths – As a promoter of water conditioning, we are always concerned about negative articles and statements that are contradictory to the real facts surrounding the industry. One of the most prevalent myths regarding the treatment of hard water is that it will raise the level of sodium to an unsafe level for consumption.  However, the fact is that an 8 ounce glass of conditioned water has about 30mg of sodium versus an 8 ounce glass of low-fat milk (approx. 120mg of sodium), 12 ounces of diet soda (between 20-70mg), and orange juice (about 25mg).


Also, consumers have been led to believe that bathing in conditioned water is bad for your health.   Sodium cannot be absorbed through the skin and poses no health risk according to the Water Quality Association (WQA).


One thing homeowners should avoid doing is discharging the backwash (brine) onto their lawns.  Brine alters the osmotic pressure grasses rely on to regulate water needs which creates an imbalance in water supply that can lead to browning of the grass.   This should not be a problem for most homeowners since water conditioning equipment should be piped directly to a drain leading to the sewer or septic tank.