Is Your HVAC System Ready

Is Your HVAC System Ready? When hot humid weather finally arrives, will your air conditioner be ready to perform at peak efficiency? Did you have someone check the amp draw, and the refrigerant level? Did someone chemically clean the condenser coil to help dissipate heat properly? Has anyone checked the electrical connections to help guard against failures that could lead to an expensive service call?  These are just some of the items that are included when you have your system properly maintained by a professional HVAC company, like R.E. Sanders Inc.

No Run Of The Mill Operations Please

There are a lot of companies that advertise cheap Air Conditioning tune ups. Most include some irrelevant number of checkpoints to entice your curiosity, and then they send their least qualified technicians to perform the system check. Whether or not they have your best interest at heart, you really won’t benefit from a poorly done maintenance check. To properly maintain your A/C Unit, it takes a seasoned technician, with sufficient experience, knowledge and the proper tools and procedures to accurately go through each part of the HVAC unit. Only proper procedures will ensure your HVAC System is performing at the highest level possible.

R.E. Sanders Mechanics Are Professionals

At R.E. Sanders, we keep our customers happy by providing qualified mechanics that understand what is necessary to make a Heating & Cooling System work effectively, and last for years to come. When the time comes that you need to replace your equipment, we proudly offer a full range of “Trane” HVAC products to meet your highest needs. Call today, 717-843-7894, to find out about our “Customer Care Plan”, and to schedule your annual A/C maintenance check.