Water Conditioning—Helping You Look Better

You may be thinking how can water conditioning help me look better. The simple answer is that it affects all the things in your home that you use water for. This includes bathing and doing laundry. As you know, these are two things that impact our outward appearance. Does your shampoo bottle empty long before your conditioner? Are your fabrics coming out of the wash without feeling fully fresh and clean? If these problems sound familiar to you, it might be a good idea to look into installing a water conditioning system. The purpose of a this is to reduce water hardness, making such tasks as showering and laundry effortless.

Water Conditioning and Beautiful Skin

Experts agree that conditioned water is gentle, beautifying, and enriching to the skin. The results are visible in softer, cleaner skin, and silky, more manageable hair. Hard water contains large amounts of chalk, lime, and other damaging minerals. Washing with hard water leaves hair looking limp and lifeless, as it traps bacteria and blocks pores, causing itching, chapping and dryness. Hard water prevents soap and shampoo from lathering and makes rinsing difficult. A water conditioning system solves these problems as it removes chlorine and chemicals.

Water Conditioning Just Made Doing Laundry Easier

The process of water conditioning will not only leave your skin feeling cleaner and smoother, but it will reduce scale build-up in your pipes, fixtures, and appliances. This will allow your washer to operate efficiently and will diminish deposit stains on fixtures and mineral formulated odors will also disappear. And, the end result is fabulous looking and smelling laundry.

So, if better tasting water and sparkling dishes weren’t enough reason to look into water conditioning, maybe better-looking skin and clothing will push you to make the call. At RE Sanders, we take pride in offering a variety of plumbing services. Call us today at 717-843-7894 to find out how we can help with your plumbing needs.