Power Surges

In the past, power surges have had little effect on your furnace and air conditioning equipment.  This is because they were primarily mechanical, with a limited amount of electronic components. As with most other mechanical devices, the heating and cooling equipment in your home are now controlled by sensitive microprocessors. The electronic components on your heating and cooling equipment have become more susceptible to electrical spikes, or power surges.

Although we can’t control power surges from occurring, there are preventative measures that can be taken to safeguard your heating and cooling equipment, as well as all of your home electronics.

Use Surge Protectors Where You Need Them

R.E. Sanders recommends that you install an entire surge protector at your primary breaker box. A surge protector installed at your breaker box would nearly eliminate a power surge from entering the wiring going into your home. This would help to minimize potential damage from electric strikes and power company interruptions.  For additional protection, individual surge protectors can be installed on outlets that feed other sensitive electronic equipment.

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