Standby Generators

Of course, you’re saying, right. Let me ask a few questions. Do you own a standby generator? Are you prepared to be without power for 12 hours? 24 hours? What if the power was out for a week in the dead of winter, or the middle of summer. Do have the ability to heat or cool your house? What about those refrigerators or freezers that have hundreds of dollars of meat and produce stored in them…will they survive without power?

Of course, I’m being very blunt about this but the fact is, most Americans rely heavily on electricity, and if you think I’m crazy, flip the main breaker off for a week and when you can’t take it anymore, come back to this article and keep reading. It’s time to get prepared, your family is relying on you to keep them safe and living a comfortable life, right? A standby generator does take a few bucks to get set up and running, but the advantages usually far outway the disadvantages.

Let’s Compare the advantages and disadvantages for a moment:

Advantages of a Standby Generator

  • Fast recovery from a power outage
  • Keep your home or business cool, or warm in extreme climates
  • Keep frozen foods and refrigerated foods fresh
  • Maintains a water supply for those on a well
  • Fuel autonomy, a generator could last for weeks assuming a steady fuel supply is provided. Natural gas units are readily available.
  • Multiple sizing options. From enough power for the essentials to normal operations.
  • For businesses or homes, standby generators allow for normal operations
  • Maintain electric until the voltage has stabilized reducing the threat of power surges
  • No extension cords. A standby generator is wired into your electric panel eliminating the need to run, sometimes dangerous, extension cords
  • A piece of mind your family is safe, at home where they belong, and not in a strange environment where electric may be.

Disadvantages of a Standby Generator

  • Initial investment is typically higher than portable generators
  • Initially takes longer to install since it’s wired directly into your electric panel
  • Installation requires a bit of planning
  • Depending on your location, you may need to apply for a permit
  • Annual maintenance is required to ensure the units integrity
  • Permanent installation and complicated to take along if you move

RE Sanders has a Standby Generator for any situation that may arise. Call the professionals when safety may be on the line. Don’t forget to follow our blog to stay up to date on the latest HVAC and Plumbing news available.

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