So, what is all the buzz about using a reverse osmosis water system to minimize contamination in your home? It is true, no one wants contaminated water in their home to drink or otherwise. This is why RE Sanders Inc. provides the reverse osmosis water system to better serve their customers and keep homes clean and safe for everyone. Read on for more information.

What Constitutes Contamination & the Need for Reverse Osmosis?

You would be surprised to know that many water supplies fall into the unsafe range. This applies to both well and municipal supplies. In general, “unsafe” refers to water that contains lead, arsenic, flouride, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), bacteria or other contaminants at a concentration above state-approved levels. Some of these contaminants have extremely adverse effects. That is why it is important to know if your water is contaminated and have a reverse osmosis system installed. 

Reverse Osmosis is the Solution to Clean Water

Reverse osmosis is an exceptional filtering process that removes most contaminants in the water. The reverse osmosis water system is perfect if you want clean water but do not want to rely on an in-home water cooler or bottled water. A reverse osmosis system is a less expensive alternative, and occupies less space as it is installed on the kitchen sink. 

Cleaner, Healthier, & Tastes Better

You will instantly notice that your water tastes better from the tap, and looks clearer and smells better, as well. Installing a reverse osmosis system will make even the most turned off water drinker want to grab a glass and fill up. Not only that, but people have reported that coffee, tea, and other items that are made with the water expelled from the reverse osmosis system are better on the pallet. 

Give RE Sanders a call today if you have questions about whether or not your water supply may have contaminants. Our professionals can help evaluate the situation. We can also help you if you are ready to have a reverse osmosis system installed in your home. You can call us at 717-843-7894 or visit our website for more information.