You’ve heard a lot about ductless air conditioning but what about ductless heating? There is a lot of talk about ductless heat pumps and some of the information is good, but some of it isn’t accurate. Here are a few misconceptions people have about ductless heating. 

Ductless Heating is More Expensive Than Other Options

Ductless heating is actually not more expensive than oil or gas. This topic has been investigated and time after time it is proven that ductless heat pumps save homeowners a significant amount of money annually in energy costs. Ductless heating is good for the environment and the budget.

Bacteria Will Be a Problem

Ductless heating equipment is crafted with a filter system and has self-cleaning capabilities. This way bacteria and other harmful particles are never able to settle and be distributed. The air that enters the home is made pure in a few specific steps. The heat exchanger is dried out by an internal fan which takes away any chance of bacterial growth.

These Units are Only Ideal for New Buildings

Of course, ductless heat pumps will be most efficient when they are installed in a new building, but that is true for any heating system. Ductless heating is effective in buildings that are new as well as existing structures. These systems can be the perfect option for much older homes with smaller rooms that need to have an upgraded heating and cooling system. 

These Systems will not Last Long

The theory behind this statement is that if the system is being used for heating and cooling, it will be utilized year round and will fail much sooner than other separated heating and cooling systems. This is simply not true. With proper maintenance ductless systems are very reliable and will have a long life span. 

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