One of the tasks I am responsible for here at R.E. Sanders Inc. (other than my HVAC responsibilities) is to research and write articles that may be beneficial to our customers needs. As I set out to do my weekly article, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted go, and thought, any day now the weather may start warming up, and people will start looking for information about Air Conditioning and its associated cost. So I thought I would concentrate my efforts on that. I’m not sure if the remainder of this article will be a criticism about the information that’s published on the internet, or about my general concern regarding the quality of information I get, when I’m in my customer’s shoes. Either way, I hope you gain some basic knowledge about “Air Conditioning, or HVAC”, and in turn, I can feel good about putting some quality information on the internet for our customers to utilize.

What concerned me most about the information I found on the internet was the content was misleading, and it was obvious to me it was not authored by an industry person. Although on the other side of that, when an industry person writes an article,it tends to be too technical. The way I approach this situation is this; I talk to my customers in terms of features and benefits. The way I look at benefits is, if you purchase a “high efficient” (feature) air conditioner, you better receive a return on your investment (benefit). The way some internet articles are written it seems that all you need to do is purchase a high efficient model, and you would save money. Well let’s look at that.  Suppose you paid $600.00 more for a higher efficient A/C unit, and only saved $50.00 each summer.  That means it will take 12 years to recoup your initial investment. Furthermore, “high efficient” doesn’t mean higher quality. Now if we were having this conversation in Florida, I would recommend that you spend as much money as possible on a high efficient A/C system because your return on your investment would be achieved a lot faster. Likewise, here in the north, I would suggest that you take your $600.00, and purchase a higher efficient heating system, in which your investment will pay you back much quicker.

This may seem like a trivial matter, but we are only scratching the surface on one issue. Wouldn’t you like to know someone is looking out for your best interest?   At R.E. Sanders Inc. we have the tools to address “Return on Investment” and the expertise to demonstrate quality features to help make your home a more comfortable and healthy environment. Contact RE Sanders today and we will be glad to meet with you, and discuss all of your HVAC needs. Have a safe enjoyable summer.     

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