You may be surprised to learn that the small gas powered portable generator that you may be considering can cost a lot more to run than a larger stationary unit powered by liquid propane or natural gas. A mid size 5Kw gas fired generator running at 50% capacity will consume .65 gallons per hour. So, in the event of a one day outage you will consume about 16 gallons of gasoline costing about $44.00 at today`s gas price. This may not be alarming considering the convenience provided, however in the event of a 4 day outage you would need to have 65 gallons on hand at a cost of about $180.00

In comparison a 10Kw generator powered by liquid propane (producing twice the power of the 5Kw gas powered unit) consumes .97 gallons per hour at 50% capacity, so during a one day outage your cost to run the generator will be around $29.00 at today`s L.P. price. Not only is it more economical  to run a bigger L.P. fired generator it is much more convenient to have when it`s connected to a large source of stored energy, there is no running back and forth to the gas station filling multiple containers with dangerous gasoline. A 250 gallon L.P. tank filled to 80% capacity will last about one week for a 10Kw generator.