How much does it cost to run my air conditioner?
Not as much as you think….

In our area of the country, we will run our air conditioners about 900 hours per summer to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. A 3 Ton a/c unit (generally large enough to condition a typical 2,100 square foot home) draws 4.3 kilowatts per hour. If the power company is charging .09 cents per kilowatt, it will cost .39 cents per hr. (4.3 x .09 = .39) to run the system. So, if it costs 39 cents per hour to run your air conditioner and takes 900 hours of run time per season to condition the space, it will cost $351.00 (.39 cents per hour x 900 hours = $351.00) $351.00 will get you a lot of cool comfort for an average 2,100 square foot home.

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