How will you handle a power outage, in an article published by “Bob Villa” he states that an outage that lasts a few hours is often nothing more than an inconvenience, requiring a few flashlights and a little patience. But when a major storm knocks out electricity for days, life without a generator can become real bleak real fast. Food spoils, mold grows and basements prone to flooding are robbed of their ability to pump and begin to take on water. Extended power outages in the winter can be even more dangerous. Plummeting temperatures and a home without heat can be deadly combination, especially to the oldest and youngest residents in the home. In these situations a backup generator installed by RE Sanders Inc. can literally be a life saver.  


Here are a 6  things to do in preparation of a power outage:

  1. If you have advance warning (for instance, if you know a storm’s coming), then power up all your electronic gadgets: phone, iPad, iPod, computer, personal robot, and so on.
  2. Turn off whatever lights were on.
  3. Keep the fridge door closed as much as possible to retain the cold (and think about how to make your next meal out of what’s most perishable!)
  4. Unplug some additional appliances so you don’t overloaded the circuits when power is restored. Consider unplugging TVs, radios, clocks, toasters, toaster ovens, computer printers, computers. Turn off air conditioners clothes dryers, and other appliances that were on when it went dark.  Leave one TV on, so you know when power does restore.
  5. Before evening, gather up some flashlights, batteries, candles, just in case your power doesn’t come on until the latter.
  6. Call or email RE Sanders, Inc for a in-home consultation for an installed backup generator!