Are you suspicious that your water softener isn’t working properly, but are not certain? If things just haven’t been like they used to be with your water, read on to find out if your water softener may be to blame.

It is easy to forget about your water softener until something happens. As you might guess, problems with water softeners are easier to fix when they are found early. In this blog post, we will address a few common signs that your water softener is not working as it should be.

Unsightly, Cloudy Dishes & Hard Water Spots

If your dishes do not sparkle and look cloudy after being washed, it’s a pretty good sign that things are off. Another sign is that your water does not foam up well after adding soap. The minerals in hard water are difficult to dissolve in soap. This is an indicator that you may want to have things looked at.  

Hard water spots are another telltale sign of a failed water softener. You will notice these on your shower door or porcelain tub, among other places. Hard water spots will show themselves as white, cloudy spots or discoloration (such as a rust-looking color). 

Undesirable Particles in Water & Low Water Pressure

Broken resin beads can show up in your water as a sign that your water softener is broken. Broken Resin beads are sand-like particles that you will find floating around in your water. Your water softener should immediately be positioned into bypass mode and you should try not to use any plumbing until you are able to have a professional look at the problem, if you find broken resin beads in your water. 

Although change in water pressure can be a symptom of a variety of issues with the plumbing, low water pressure may be telling you that mineral deposits have broken free or resin beads have broken and are slowing things down. Again, we recommend that you call a professional to examine your plumbing and pinpoint the issue. 

Call RE Sanders Inc. for Your Water Softener Needs

A water softener is a useful appliance and should be properly maintained over time. If you notice any of the problems that are listed above, contact the professionals at RE Sanders Inc. to have them investigate what the issue may be. Our technicians are qualified to take care of all of your water conditioning, plumbing, and heating and cooling needs.