It never ceases to amaze me how manufacturers and contractors make over the top claims about how they can save you up to 70% on your Heating and Cooling bills if you install their high efficient equipment. Of course the key phrase here is “up to”.  After you spend the money for that brands’ new high efficient system, you quickly realize the savings are not what you thought they should be and that it`s going to take a lot longer to realize a return on your investment.  This “return” depends on what you are converting from and to.  For example, you may see see a quicker return on your investment if you are converting from an old oil heat system to a High Efficient Geothermal System. It may sound like I am against spending extra dollars for high efficient equipment but I’m not.  I am making sure our customers are more informed and better educated about what the real potential for savings is.


There are a number of ways contractors can help consumers compare operating costs of one type of heating system to another through the use of computer programs.  It will take a little extra time for a quality contractor like R.E Sanders, prepare a comparison report, but in the end, you, our customer,  will be more satisfied with your decision. A new heating system is not a cheap expenditure and your contractor should take the time to explain all the features and benefits that modern equipment has to offer.


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