Ductless Air Conditioning

Did you know that even if you don’t have ductwork in your home, you can still have “Air Conditioning”, AKA, Ductless Air Conditioning?  And, I am not talking about noisy, expensive to run, window units. Prior to 1980, a lot of homes were built without air duct systems and were heated with either a boiler and hot water, or some type of electric baseboard. Most recent, modern built homes in the United States are now built with forced air furnaces that incorporate a metal or fiberglass air duct system that flows air to and from rooms that need conditioning. The beauty of this type of heating system is that you can easily add an “Air Conditioning” system to it and flow cool air through the same ducts that were used for heating the house.

Japanese Technology Turned Toward The US

A few years ago, Ductless Air Conditioning was introduced to the American market by our friends in Japan. Manufacturers such as Fujitsu, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung and others brought their technology to our country to compete for a share in our HVAC market. These systems still have two main components; a condenser (the outside unit), and an air handler (the indoor unit), which houses the blower motor. The blower motors main function is to circulate air to the required space. The difference in a Ductless System is the unit blows conditioned air directly into to the area in which it is installed and does not require a duct system to distribute the air. In an open room design this technology works great, however, when you get into areas of the house where you have individual spaces such as bedrooms you will need additional air handlers to supply the conditioned air to those rooms.

So if you want to be comfortable this summer and thought you needed a duct system to have air conditioning, call R.E. Sanders Inc. to explore all your options. Whether you want to add Air Conditioning to just your bedroom, or supply the whole house with the comfort of Conditioned Air, we can help you. We’ll sit down with you and provide a number of different options, and don’t forget, most of these systems provide heat as well as cooling.  

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