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Most folks in South Central Pennsylvania tend to think that having an Emergency Generator is more of a luxury than a necessity. In some ways, on the surface, I’d tend to agree with them in most cases. However, when you begin to think about all different reasons for having a Standby Emergency Generator, it’s easy to persuade my opinion from luxury to necessity. In this article, we’re going to discuss the various usages of a standby Emergency Generator. We’ll discuss the entire realm, from convenience to absolute emergency necessity.


In some cases, we can all agree that it’s just plain convenient to have. It’s nice and comforting to have that piece of mind knowing I won’t have to store my orange juice outside in a cooler if we get a bad ice storm. Or perhaps I just don’t want my day interrupted and miss my favorite episode of Law and Order because some idiot didn’t know how to drive and took out a phone pole down the street.

From saving on candles to illuminate my house to something a little more serious such as losing $800 worth of frozen food in my deep freezer, we can certainly begin to think that spending a couple extra bucks up front for an Standby Emergency Generator, may be worth the time and money invested.

When Things Get a Little More Serious

Do you remember the last time the temperature dropped below 20°, the wind began blowing 30 mph, the snow started flying and packing up against the exterior of your house, and, this is the warmest day we’ll see in the 15 day forecast? Things start appearing to be a little more serious, don’t they? Now imagine you wake up to 2 feet of snow, whiteout conditions, and you have no power. You look at your thermostat and it already says it’s 48° in your house and the power has only been out for a couple hours. Let me ask, how cold is it going to be inside after the power hasn’t come back on in 24, 36, or 48 hours, perhaps even longer? The picture I’m painting here begins to make us realize, more than just our personal safety is at stake here.

To grasp the entire picture, it’s important to understand that without power, your heat pump won’t run, the circulator pump in your boiler won’t push any hot water through your radiators, water well pumps won’t function, pellet stoves won’t continue to feed, and so on. We all know that water begins freezing at 32°, and in no time with conditions like stated above, all of your pipes will begin to freeze. If conditions stay like this for a few days, it’s very likely you’ll be calling a plumber to replace split pipes throughout your house. If you’re aware of what’s happening, you can shut the water off, and at least save the mess for when those frozen pipes begin to thaw and spew water throughout your house. But, what if your not home, or aware?

Avoid the Catastrophe

Ok, I’m done badgering here, I think I got my point across. The point is, all this can be avoided by installing a Standby Emergency Generator. RE Sanders has been installing and servicing Generators for years. They are true professionals at their craft. By calling Tom at RE Sanders, you could seriously save yourself a ton of aggravation down the road. Whether it’s a Zombie Apocalypse, a total grid failure, or just a bad winter or summer storm, if your power gets interrupted, you can rely on your “Automatic” Emergency Generator to take over and keep you and your family safe, and in your home.

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