Have you noticed the low water levels in our area? If not, take a drive down Route 83 South and look at Lake Redman. Water levels can be tricky as they fluctuate on a seasonal basis, rising in wet months and falling in dry months.

As you probably already know, a well works by pumping water from an underground water source up to a home. If low water levels cause there to be no available water, the pump will simply suck air rather than water. Severe drought conditions can cause low water levels and eventually the groundwater simply dries up.

Just as it takes some time to see low water levels, it also takes time for the water to be replenished. Typically, a well will need several slow, soaking rains for the water to filter through the ground and replenish the supply. Shallower wells will, of course, see water levels rise more quickly than deeper wells. However, deeper wells tend to withstand a drought with fewer problems.

Be sure to call the professionals at RE Sanders if you are having issues with your well or water supply. They will assess the situation to make sure that other issues aren’t lingering.

Are Low Water Levels Really the Reason for Your Water Well Issue?

You may ask if there are other reasons why you are having problems with your water well. Another reason for water supply issues is scale and mineral buildup on the inside of the Well Pump. This can constrict water flow so much that no water is pumped up to the home.

RE Sanders’ professional well technicians will be happy to check the pump to see if scale and mineral buildup has slowed water flow to a trickle or a complete stop. If this is the problem, the pump can be cleaned and water flow should return to normal. The technician will also check all other components of the water well for damage. From time-to-time a pump’s effectiveness could also be compromised for a variety of reasons, so you may need to replace or repair damaged water well components.

Don’t Panic

We know that water well issues have a huge impact on your life. We want to make things as easy as possible. Whether you are facing a dried up well due to low water levels or you have damaged components, RE Sanders should be your first call. Their professional technicians will complete every project large or small with care. Call RE Sanders today at 717-843-7894 to discuss your heating and cooling, plumbing, water conditioning, well pump, geothermal or generator needs. We would love to hear from you.