Do you need to prepare your plumbing pipes for cold weather? The answer is YES. It’s no secret that cold weather is here and it will be with us for months. Preparing your pipes for cold weather will save you from an emergency situation, such as frozen or busted plumbing pipes.

Preparing Your Plumbing Pipes

You probably already know some basic steps for preparing your plumbing pipes, like insulating pipes that are in unheated areas, but here are some additional recommendations

  • Check for areas where cold air can enter near your plumbing pipes. Even the smallest of openings can let cold air enter which can allow your pipes to freeze over time. Common areas where cold air might seep in are around dryer vents or any electrical wiring. Air leaks can easily be sealed with caulk or insulation.  
  • Have your pipe system and water heater inspected. This will help ensure that your plumbing pipes are in good working condition and can withstand colder temperatures. An evaluation performed by a plumbing professional will guaranty that your water heater is working efficiently, as well.
  • When the temperature drops below freezing, make sure you open cabinet doors to allow heat to circulate to your insulated plumbing pipes under the sinks. 
  • If extremely cold temperatures hit, you may want to let warm water trickle from any faucet which has plumbing pipes that run on an outside wall. Another easy step is to keep your thermostat set to a warm temperature during the day and at night.

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