Aggressive water can be harmful to your copper pipes, solder and plumbing fixtures made from lead and other metals. Over time, corrosive water will create pinhole leaks that can lead to damages that may or may not be covered by your homeowners policy. Another fact not commonly known is that aggressive water can break down PVC pipes resulting in high levels of vinyl chloride.  Fortunately, this usually occurs only when inferior plastic pipe, which has not been approved for drinking, has been used.


Aside from the property damage caused by aggressive water, there is another, more important factor, that we should be concerned about. Although corrosive water itself is not harmful to your health, consumption of high concentrations of dissolved copper, metal or plastic can have negative effects that may lead to stroke, cancer and high blood pressure.


All of this is avoidable by conditioning the water as it enters the house.  If you notice that your water has a metallic taste, there is a blueish green stain in your sink or you notice pin hole leaks in your pipes, the first thing you want to do is have your water tested. According to an article written by PennState College of Agricultural Sciences titled “Corrosive Water Problems”, 60% of wells, springs and cisterns in Pennsylvania have corrosive water and 20% of all private water systems contain dangerous levels of dissolved lead.

R.E. Sanders Inc. will test your water to determine if it is corrosive and provide options to best treat the source of the problem. Whether you need a conditioner, a neutralizer or reverse osmosis unit we have experienced technicians to install and service the equipment.