A Properly Working Pressure Switch is Imperative for Your Well Pump

Your pressure switch can wear out and malfunction over time, like any mechanical part. A switch that isn’t working properly can cause your well pump to run too often or for too long a period of time and eventually destroy the motor. Additionally, if the switch allows the pressure to go too high, it can put excess stress on the tank and pipes, which will cause them to crack or burst.

Cracked or Leaky Pipes will Lead to Big Problems

A broken pressure switch or cracked or leaky pipes will have a negative effect on your well pump. If your pump is trying to pump water into a pressurized tank, and the pipes leading to that tank are damaged, your pump obviously has to work harder. The lifespan of your pump is sure to be shortened by putting too much stress on it in this way.

Hire a Licensed Well Contractor For a Yearly Inspection

Being thoughtful about the condition of your pressure switch and your pipes is a good place to start, but a yearly inspection of your well from the licensed technicians at RE Sanders Inc. will keep your well pump running reliably and efficiently. Call us today for fast, friendly service at 717-843-7894.