An Air Scrubber is the best way to rid your home of pollutants. You didn’t know? Well, don’t feel bad. Many people do not know that their own home probably has more pollution inside it than the environment outdoors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental risks to your health. Do not panic! There are ways to better the air quality in your home.

Is an Air Scrubber Similar to a Traditional Air Cleaner?

Using an electronic air cleaner in your heating and cooling system is a good first step toward cleaning the air. However, these systems are reactive. They react to mold, pollen, sub-micronic particles, viruses, and germs that enter the duct system and find their way to the air cleaner. The Air Scrubber works differently. It emits hydro-peroxides in to the air. The hydro-peroxides continuously disinfect and clean the home all day, every day.

Can the Air Scrubber Improve My Health?

Installing an Air Scrubber can improve your health, especially for those with allergies, COPD, and compromised immune systems (including babies and the elderly). Because the Air Scrubber  makes the air fresher and surfaces in your home cleaner, you will experience a reduction in contaminants of up to 99%.  Things like kitchen sinks, keyboards and doorknobs are cleaner. Dust, allergens, mildew and odor-causing bacteria are proven to be significantly reduced, also.

I’m In! How Do I Get One?

Are you ready to have a cleaner and healthier home? We spend so much time in our homes. It should be the most comfortable and safest place for us. The Air Scrubber takes care of you just by having it installed. It is easy to work and manage. Give RE Sanders Inc. a call at 717-843-7894 today.We can answer your questions and/or schedule an installation. Start your summer off right with a new Air Scrubber.